Monday, November 17, 2014

Back on (the) Track

Jogging and exercise are my anti-cancer drugs. Well, my natural anti-cancer drugs. I have to take a prescription to prevent the return of breast cancer, so I'm exercising to improve my odds against it coming back. Period.

After an unplanned, unwanted and yet necessary (long) break from the Couch to 5K (C25K) program, I've been at it again. It's harder this time because I'm still healing. But it is something that I'm doing to create an extended and more active future.

I could use some advice, so please hang with me as I explain.

I've created a holding pattern at a 20 minute workout. It's what my body can handle at this time without wanting to consume the entire contents of both the pantry and fridge, and live on Aleve. But I'm ok with that, as is my doctor.

I recently discovered that treadmills make me dizzy. Not while running, but immediately following. This makes me very unhappy because 'tis the season when the weather is turning toward the need to make the treadmill my go-to workout option if I want to jog. And I do.

I suppose that's a first world problem, so I'm trying not to let it stop me. I've taken to using my recumbent exercise bike in order to keep my fitness level up while maintaining my equilibrium. Literally.

So for the next few months I plan to make due with my recumbent exercise bike and an occasional date with a treadmill. Until the weather breaks and I can embrace the outdoor track again, or manage the post-treadmill vertigo.

(Is it too soon to say how much I look forward to spring?)

Since I'm fairly new to this fitness thing, I could use some suggestions for strategies I can use to find my treadmill legs. Or keep my post-treadmill equilibrium.

Have ideas? Hit me up in the comments, if you would.

Thanks for reading!


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